Ever since time immemorial, temples have occupied a central place in Hindu society and have played a significant role in bringing the community together. They have also been important centres of learning, commerce, music, dance and so on. The modern day temples in India and the rest of the world have started to fulfil a similar promise and have increasingly become important.

Here Team DIMIND introduces our novel and innovative Dimind Temple Management System. It manages the temple taking into consideration of all functions from Hindu temple vazhipadu counter to yearly auditing and even the meeting of the Kshethra committee. The Temple Software has versions in Malayalam and English as required by the clients with the facility of attachment to Online or Offline/Local computer. We are the best temple administration software or temple accounting software provider in Kerala, located Ernakulum Cochin.

Dimind Temple Management System can provide dynamically Add/Edit/Delete Pooja Name and Pooja Amount. DTMS can provide dynamically Add/Edit/Delete donation schemes Name. It Have Temple Sales Bills. (Pooja Receipt, Donation Receipt, Item sales Receipt) also having Temple purchase and expensive Bills. It set and provide priest share (Vazhipadu Vihitham) based on Pooja. DTMS can also use as a touch screen application.