Technology can easily assist in efficient management of any organization and ministries or churches are no exception. In fact, customized management software for your church would pave way for accomplishing all tasks smoothly and efficiently without any glitches whatsoever. Here Dimind Church Management System offers a trusted system with wide spectrum of customization options to encircle all your functional needs.

Dimind Church Management System is a web-based church management solution catering to the needs of small and mid size churches across the India. DCMS provides an interactive interface to access member details, communicate with members, track donations and build reports and includes Death register, Family register, Marriage register and more. DCMS allows churches to categorize contacts into members, guests and staff and it can also generate Receipts.

DCMS allows churches to track contributions made by guests and members. Using this functionality, users can monitor the contributions of donors, and generate giving reports based upon a donor’s giving history. The system is completely customizable, and users can update custom fields, as well as import existing data.